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“Calico Solar Lights” by Kitras Glass. These solar lights are a perfect way to add ambience and style to any outdoor space. Charge the solar battery and it gives 6 to 8 hours of subtle illumination. The bright designs have a beautiful way of reflecting to create a colourful and unique experience day and night.

  • Design: Oceania
  • Globe width 4”, height 4”, overall height 4.3”
  • Stake is 25.5" from the tip of the spike to the rim of the clip (without the glass globe). An average of 6-9 inches of that length will be in the ground when on display.
  • Made in Canada


Calico Solar Light - Oceania

    • Shop prices and shipping rates are listed in CDN.
    • Most products are handmade and unique. For this reason please allow for slight variations in colors, shapes, sizes, weight, etc.
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