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LAVENDER WHIPPED BODY CREAM by Glowing Orchid Organics.  Treat yourself with this luxurious body cream, made with certified organic shea & cocoa butters, along with avocado oil to provide an intense, lasting and satisfying moisturizing experience. Aloe Vera extract included to help ensure a balance between healing and pampering so you can nourish your skin to a glowing satin smooth texture. Especially effective on elbows, knees, hands, heels, and winter, sun damaged, or dry cracked skin. This soothing cream can reduce the signs of mature skin to maintain a supple youthful glow. 

  • 130 g. Made in Fraser Canyon, BC

Lavender Whipped Body Cream

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    Most products are handmade and unique. For this reason please allow for slight variations in colors, shapes, sizes, weight, etc.

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